Friday 20 September 2019

9GB Bloodborne patch preps game for expansion


Emma Clark

Bloodborne players can now download a 9GB patch that makes some adjustments to the base game and prepares it for the upcoming expansion, The Old Hunters.

Bloodborne will get is first, and only, expansion next week in the form of The Old Hunters. The patch that prepares Bloodborne for its arrival is now available, and clocks in at just over 9GB.

This patch not only gets the game ready for the expansion, but contains some important changes for all players.

The patch notes, translated by a Reddit user, outline an all-new Covenant called The Federation that players can join, and new NPCs that can help out in co-op play. Matchmaking has been adjusted slightly, while From Software has also tweaked the Chalice Dungeons.

The Old Hunters will be available on November 24th. It adds around eight hours of new gameplay, three new areas, and ten new weapons. You can download Bloodborne's whopping 9GB patch right now.

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