Monday 27 January 2020

Tablets high on Christmas wish lists as Apple battles with rivals

the new iPad Mini
the new iPad Mini

Jessica Wohl

A THIRD of US consumers are thinking about buying an electronic tablet this holiday season, according to a new poll conducted for Thomson Reuters. And 22pc of those said they plan to cut back on other Christmas purchases in order to afford them.

The new, smaller tablet from industry leader Apple – the iPad mini – is not taking the world by storm. Only 8pc named the iPad mini as their first choice, the same percentage that said they would like to buy Microsoft's Surface tablet.

"There has been a lot of controversy about the fact that the iPad mini is $329, that the price might not be right," said Jharonne Martis, director of consumer research for Thomson Reuters.

Apple's full-size iPad remains the leader, with 25pc picking it as the tablet of choice, while 15pc want to buy's Kindle Fire; another 15pc want a Samsung Galaxy device.

Apple sold about 11 million iPads during the 2011 holiday quarter, and this year analysts expect it to sell about 16 million

iPads and 8 million iPad mini tablets.

Laptops are still on the wish lists for 32pc of respondents; 18pc would like to buy desktop computers and only 13pc are looking for ultrabooks.

The poll shows that most consumers still are waiting until around Thanksgiving – which begins today – to start their holiday shopping.

Seventy-two percent have done no shopping yet or less than a quarter of it, the poll found.

Most of that shopping will still take place in stores, despite the rise of online shopping and fears of shoppers using physical stores as showrooms for products they will buy online.

Going to a mix of different types of stores is the plan for 42pc of the respondents, while 31pc plan to do most of their holiday shopping at a discount chain such as Walmart, Target or Kmart, which will all be open for at least some of Thanksgiving period.

Physical stores remain the top destination, with 26pc planning to shop primarily at stores and only 14pc planning to shop primarily online.

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