Sunday 22 April 2018

Still got one of the first iPods? It's probably worth a lot right now

iPod Classic
iPod Classic

Olivia Rudgard

Old iPods, VHS players and CD Walkmen have grown in value as millennials clamour for products which remind them of childhood, research has found.

An original iPod from 2001 would now sell for £807 (€1,057), an original Apple Mac from 1984 would be worth £1274, and CD Walkman from 2004 would sell for £273.

iPod Classic
iPod Classic

The items have become increasingly valuable as a trend for collecting tech from the 1980s and 1990s grows.

Other surprisingly valuable items include a VHS player from 1994, which can be sold for as much as £355.

Researchers at, a credit comparison website, said that the retro trend was driven by nostalgic buyers who collect and restore the items.

In many cases the original prices were far lower, and the modern-day equivalents are also far cheaper.

The original iPod Classic, for example, originally sold for just $499 – meaning it has doubled in value.

Apple discontinued the Classic in 2014, but a modern iPod equivalent costs just £159.

Collectibles expert Dan Wade, head writer at JustCollecting, said buyers tended to be millenials who are spending their disposable income on items that remind them of their childhood.

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