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Spring equinox marked by Google doodle


GOOGLE has celebrated the end of winter with a doodle marking the Spring equinox.

The search engine’s homepage logo has been transformed into a colourful Spring-themed scene of plants and animals to mark March 20 - when day and night are the same length.

The doodle, created by the Finnish fashion label Marimekko, features flowers, butterflies, a flamingo and what appears to be a red and white zebra.

By hovering a mouse over the logo, a message appears announcing: “First day of Spring.”

An equinox occurs twice a year when the tilt of Earth’s axis is inclined nether away nor towards the sun.

The Spring equinox – sometimes referred to as the vernal equinox - occurs around March 20 each year, while the Autumn equinox is around September 22.

The term equinox derives from the Latin aequues (equal) and nox (night), although strictly speaking, an equinox is not a day but a point in time. The days themselves when day and night are equal are referred to as equiluxes.

Meanwhile, in Britain, the clocks go forward by one hour at 1am on Sunday, March 25, ushering in the start of British Summer Time and bringing lighter evenings.