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Spotify to offer 'play' button

DIGITAL music streaming service Spotify is aiming to vastly widen its reach and draw in more listeners by offering to embed a "play" button on other websites.

The strategy echoes that of Google's YouTube, which has become the world's third most popular website partly by allowing external websites easily to embed its video content.

The digital music market is currently dominated by Apple's iTunes, but digital music streaming companies, of which Spotify is the most successful, have begun to challenge that model by offering large libraries of music to listen to and share for a flat fee.

Spotify has more than 10 million active users and more than three million paying subscribers for its on-demand service, which offers unlimited streaming for free to those prepared to tolerate ads, or pay a premium rate.

"The move is part of their strategy of becoming the de facto standard for music on the internet," music analyst Mark Mulligan told Reuters yesterday.

Spotify is expected become available in Ireland over the summer. (Reuters)

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