Friday 15 November 2019

Spotify launches on Sony PlayStation

Matthew Sparkes

Spotify is coming to Sony’s PlayStation so that users can listen to music while playing games on the console.

With PlayStation Music songs and playlists will blend seamlessly with the game, replacing the existing soundtrack – sound effects and dialogue will be audible over the top of the music.

The software will automatically install on PlayStation PS3 and PS4 consoles the next time they’re turned on, but no charge will be incurred unless users want to pay for the ad-free premium account.

By pressing the PlayStation button during a game users will be able to change song or playlist without quitting – it’s even possible to do this via a smartphone app so that gameplay is not interrupted. .

“Music has always been a big part of gaming,” says Gustav Söderström, chief product officer at Spotify.

“I remember playing computer games like Quake and Counter-Strike with my favourite tunes on in the background - taking the experience to a whole new level. With today’s launch, we’re bringing back that magic of gaming with music - all in a beautifully designed and smooth experience that looks great on the big screen.”

John Kodera, president of Sony Network Entertainment International, said: “With Spotify as the foundation of PlayStation Music, we’ll continue to evolve the service to deliver the best entertainment experience that gamers have come to expect from PlayStation Network.”

Spotify on PlayStation Music will roll out to all Spotify users on PS4 and PS3 today and will also become available on Xperia smartphones and tablets.

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