Monday 23 October 2017

Sony to launch 3DTV in June

HX803 to offer "outstanding customer value" says electronics giant, while also offering every PS3 owner a free 3D upgrade

Matt Warman

Sony 3D TVs will be available in the UK and Ireland from June, the company has announced. Pre-orders are being taken now, and Sony is also offering blu-ray players and 3D movies and videogames.

The company is also emphasising that 3D televisions are not going to be unaffordable, despite rumours that all prices will be around €2,000 across the major manufacturers.

Announcing the launch, Sony said “the HX803 series 3D TV that will offer 3D cinematic capability with outstanding consumer value and will set the benchmark for stylish, technically advanced yet affordable 3D compatible TVs”.

The company added that the first model would be followed shortly by others.

The HX803 will feature “up-conversion”, making 2D content appear to be 3D. Although it is not directly comparable to 3D, the company hopes that it will make people more willing to invest in new technology because it will be able to improve an existing film and television program collection.

The TV will also come bundled with two 3D blu-ray titles, ‘Deep Sea’ and ‘Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs’.

The Playstation Network will also offer four 3D games free to HX803 purchasers. Playstations will be offered a free firmware update to make the 3D and 3D blu-ray compatible.

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