Sunday 22 April 2018

Sony prepares for Playstation Vita launch

Sony hopes the PlayStation Vita will capture a new market of gamers
Sony hopes the PlayStation Vita will capture a new market of gamers

Matt Warman

Sony was today gearing up for its most important product launch of the decade.

The Japanese electronics giant hopes the new PlayStation Vita portable gaming console, which goes on sale tomorrow, will convince users to play more video games on dedicated devices, rather than turning to the internet and mobile phones.

The Vita, which will retail from £230, features a touchscreen similar to those found on advanced smartphones, as well as a unique touch-sensitive back panel that allows users to control games using all their fingers at once.

Despite advanced graphics and other new technology, Sony’s strategy of charging high prices for both the console and its games has been criticised by analysts, who cite the rapidly growing ‘casual games’ market of mobile phone users who play free titles that are usually supported by advertising.

The Vita will also include access to the web and social networks such as Facebook, as well as adding new web features to games.

In largely positive reviews prior to its release, the Vita has been praised for its unprecedented technical qualities.

Daily Telegraph reviewer Tom Hoggins wrote in his Sony PlayStation Vita review that it proved “Sony was not giving up without a fight”. Sales in Japan, however, have dipped after an initial success when the device first went on sale late last year.

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