Friday 24 November 2017

Sony disables PlayStation 3 OS function

PlayStation 3 users who do not update will lose access to online games. Photo: Getty Images
PlayStation 3 users who do not update will lose access to online games. Photo: Getty Images

Emma Barnett

Sony has said that from April 1 it will disable a function on its PlayStation 3 console which allows users to install alternative operating systems.

The move, which was announced on the company’s blog, is being seen as a preventative measure to stop video games piracy.

The update will be released on Thursday this week and has been initiated by Sony because of “security concerns”.

The feature, which allows gamers to use an alternative operating system to Sony’s own OS, such as Linux, is not live on the PS3 Slim Console, the latest model, and will only be discontinued from the larger PS3 device’s raft of features.

The update comes after famed US hacker, Geohot, who was running his PS3 on a variant of the Linux operating system, released the first code he said could circumvent the games console’s security system.

Geohot, (full name George Hotz), who achieved fame for unlocking Apple’s iPhone as a teenager, has said on his blog that he will begin work on how people can bypass the new update – which will allow users to continue to run their PS3 on alternative operating systems.

News of the update has not been greeted warmly by certain gamers on the company’s blog with some users expressing their frustration, saying it was one of the features which made the console an attractive purchase and that the move will only penalise those using the feature in a correct legal way – as hackers will find a way around the change.

The update is optional, but people who do not install it will no longer have access to certain Sony PS3 features, such as its online games network.

Sony, which has sold over 33 million consoles globally, has advised people who are currently running another operating system, to back up their data before installing the update.

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