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Smartzone to fit out new Phoenix Park smart homes with technology to allow worried children monitor wellbeing of older parents



Smartzone chief executive, Justin McInerney, says the new technology offers peace of mind

Smartzone chief executive, Justin McInerney, says the new technology offers peace of mind

Smartzone chief executive, Justin McInerney, says the new technology offers peace of mind

Cork-based Smartzone has announced a range of partnerships in Ireland and the UK as it expands in both the wellness and smart energy management markets.

The Irish smart home provider is working with housing association Fold Ireland on deploying next-stage connected wellness technology at the 31-apartment Abelard Square development close to Phoenix Park, which the company claims will be Ireland's smartest and safest social housing.

Residents and management in the new-build at Abelard Square will have a suite of automated and monitored energy and wellness services, controllable via a smartphone app.

Smartzone's technology allows the option of its new wellness suite of services, which includes motion and connected health monitoring - allowing loved ones and carers to either communicate in real time to the resident or be notified of changes in their routine.

Launched this week, Smartzone's wellness suite learns usual behaviours within a living space and then recognises when these change, triggering agreed alerts.

At the centre of the suite is a wellness cam which allows family members and carers to virtually drop in on residents via voice and video to see if they are well.

"This plug-and-play technology is about peace of mind for families, and people in charge of residents," said Smartzone CEO Justin McInerney.

"For example, if someone stays in bed, there could be a good reason, but a family member will receive an alert that this is unusual based on recent activity and can check in to see that everything is OK.

"Similarly, connected health devices such as blood pressure or diabetes monitors link with the hub, allowing nominated people, including medical professionals, to view a dashboard of current stats.

"Fold Ireland is leading the way in Ireland by utilising an expansive set of solutions and personal safety notifications to create a safe environment for ageing in place."

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Smartzone will engage with Fold on 300 more homes before the end of the year and is also engaged in a student accommodation project with one of London's leading housing associations, A2Dominion, at the East London Hospital.

It is also currently working with Ballymore and Comer on multi-unit dwelling projects in London, and is involved in projects with Flynn Group and O'Mahony Developments, Cork, plus Redmond Construction in Wexford and Wicklow.

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