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Smartphone case causes airport terminal evacuation





Flights at Schiphol Airport were grounded on Monday night and a terminal was evacuated because of a smartphone case that looked like a handgun.

Smartphone cases can help you express yourself or get your phone to stand out from the crowd. But they can also cause panic, as evidenced by scenes in Schiphol Airport on Monday night.

An iPhone case shaped like a handgun prompted the evacuation of the terminal. Flights were grounded while police carried out a search for the person with the smartphone case. After around two hours, a woman and her boyfriend were pulled aside by police.

Marten Blankesteijn shared his experience of the events on Twitter. “I think it has something to do with a girl aged about 20 and her boyfriend. Had pictures but that I had to delete,” he wrote.

He later added that the phone doesn’t seem to be able to shoot.

However, a photo tweeted by US police division Queens North shows how the design of the smartphone case could trouble people.



If you do own a case that could be mistaken for a weapon, perhaps you should leave it at home.