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Sunday 15 September 2019

Sky launches new online child safety controls in Ireland

Sky launches new online safety controls Photo: Stock Image
Sky launches new online safety controls Photo: Stock Image
Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

Sky has launched new child safety controls for home broadband and phones.

The new controls, called ‘Broadband Buddy’, will allow a parent to shut off internet access to a child’s phone or tablet whether in or outside the home.

It will also let parents choose which apps the child can access on their phones and set time limits for online or app usage.

The service is activated using a customer’s Sky ID and is free for Sky broadband subscribers.

“The new app is the only service of its kind that works both in the home via WiFi and out of home via 3G/4G connections,” Sky Ireland said today. “Managing and monitoring screen time, including individual websites and specific apps, setting bedtimes and pausing the internet is easy with Buddy, even when your children are out and about.

“Parents can also see how the devices are being used, as well as being able to review usage history. They can also reward good behaviour by gifting additional time online or allowing access to otherwise blocked websites, a unique Buddy feature.”

The system works using a virtual private network (VPN) which takes over online access to the phone or tablet, whether it is on the home wifi network or using a mobile network outside the house.

It also arranges apps into age-appropriate categories, although some of the apps branded as suitable for 13-year-olds, such as HBO and Tumblr, include adult content.

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