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Seven things to look out for in Apple’s iOS 9





TODAY, Apple is releasing its iOS 9 operating system for iPhones, iPads and iPods. Here is a basic guide to what the new system brings.

1. Better battery life: A new low power mode kicks when you only have 20pc battery life left, Apple says it gives your phone at least another hour of battery life. The screen will also go off if placed upside down.

2. More storage space: The new upgrade only takes up 1.3GB of space compared to 4.6GB for previous updates. That’s good news for people with 16GB iPhone models.

3. Ad-blocking: Apple’s mobile Safari browser will now let you block any and all ads when you’re using it.

4. More security: The passcode will change from four digits to six digits.

5. Split screen: For iPads, iOS 9 lets you split the screen between functions for greater multi-tasking.

6. Updated Siri: Siri voice control lets you search for more specific things, such as individual photos or items in a particular place.

7. News reading: A new News app aims to collect stories you like to read into one place without any ads.

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