Thursday 26 April 2018

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 goes up in flames during lab test in terrifying new pictures

A battery lab test of Samsung's
A battery lab test of Samsung's "exploding" Galaxy Note 7 phone set the device ablaze. Here's a selection of terrifying pictures of the Note 7 debacle.
A Singaporean battery laboratory decided to carry out a stress test on the Note 7 to find out just how much pressure it could withstand. Here the phone is pictured before the test began.
As pressure was applied to the fully charged phone it caught fire.
And then it went up in flames completely.
Here's a step-by-step of the phone starting to overheat...
... And then setting ablaze.
In the aftermath of the test the battery was completely ashen.
After some users posted pictures to social media claiming that their faulty Note 7s had caused them injury, the company announced a global recall of all 2.5m of the devices that had been released. A few weeks later it began replacing them with "safe" ones, which in turn have also been tarnished by isolated reports of faults.
One of the most extreme reports of damage allegedly caused by the Note 7 involved a phone catching fire when charging in a Jeep, which sent the car up in flames.
Nathan Dornacher, the owner of the Jeep and phone, shared this image of an ash-covered Galaxy Note 7 following the incident.
Separately, a Reddit user shared images of his burnt phone claiming he had burnt his finger throwing the device to the floor from his bed

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