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Tuesday 20 August 2019

Samsung Galaxy S9 expected to fix the S8’s biggest issue

Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8

Aatif Sulleyman

Samsung is expected to fix the worst thing about the Galaxy S8 with the upcoming Galaxy S9.

Early leaks suggest that Samsung has decided to reposition the handset’s fingerprint sensor, to make it easier to use.

The S8, which came out earlier this year, is an impressive device, but it’s let down enormously by a terrible fingerprint sensor.

It’s small, shallow and sits far too close to the phone’s rear camera sensor.

As a result, it’s very tricky to activate without actually turning the phone around and looking.

According to BGR, the fingerprint scanner will sit below the camera sensors on the S9, with a dual-flash separating them.

This setup should be much easier to navigate with your finger.

The S9 will launch next year, but it isn’t expected to be hugely different to its predecessor.

Tech tipster Evan Blass says 2018 will be a "tock" year rather than a "tick" year for the Galaxy S line, meaning the S9 will represent a minor upgrade rather than a major step up.

The biggest change could be the much-rumoured addition of a dual camera setup, which would bring the S9 in line with the excellent Galaxy Note 8.

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