Thursday 19 April 2018

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Huawei ascend
Huawei ascend
D1link smart
Samsung s6
Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

Our technology expert gives his verdict on Huawei Ascend G7, D-Link smart plug and the Samsung S6.

Huawei Ascend G7 

Price: €275 from The Carphone Warehouse

A very decent-looking 5.5-inch Android model with 4G, a good (13-megapixel) camera, a fast processor and 16GB of storage. Clever design tweaks include two built-in antennae which allow it to maximise the phone signal depending on which way you're holding it.

The killer feature here is its price: €275 unsubsidised is less than half the price of high-end rivals.

D-Link smart plug

Price: €50 from Harvey Norman 

Remember when 'smart homes' used to be a byword for €10,000 wiring projects with wall-mounted remote controls? Those days are long gone. D-Link's Smart Plug is an excellent illustration. It's an ordinary plug socket that connects to your home or business wifi. As such, you can control when it is switched on or off via your phone. You can also program it to work at certain periods or get it to interact as part of a wider smart network within the house.

Samsung S6 

Price: from €700

There's no question that Samsung has upped its game here. The S6 has a default 32GB of storage, a front-facing 5-megapixel 'super selfie' lens and crisp 5.1-inch screen. Best of all, Samsung has redesigned the casing to replace plastic with metal. This makes it an altogether more beautiful device than previous phones. It also catapults it up to the lofty heights of the iPhone 6 and HTC One in design aesthetics. For this reason, the Android smartphone category has a new best-in-class device.

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