Tuesday 16 July 2019

Tech review: Microsoft Intellimouse


Microsoft Intellimouse
Microsoft Intellimouse
Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

I know what you're thinking. A mouse? He's reviewing a mouse? Yep, a mouse.

No, it doesn't play MP3 tracks or beam a 4K movie while you're moving the little cursor around the screen.

And it doesn't massage your hand, either. But my word: it is a damn fine mouse.

Ergonomics in PC mice is a highly under-rated thing. For a tool that most office workers use for hundreds - if not thousands - of hours every year, it's surprising that most offices supply us with dull, round bits of plastic that are chosen for how much under a tenner they cost.

While it's not quite as important as the type of chair you have, a mouse can impact muscular fatigue in your hand and wrist.

Microsoft's Intellimouse has a cool trick of fitting both small and large hands. It neatly tucks into your palm.

It has slightly better tracking than the average mouse too, which aids precision. There is little as frustrating in the use of a PC as a mouse that keeps stalling or skipping - it literally adds minutes to every hour of work.

Aside from the obvious left, right and central tracking buttons on top, the Intellimouse has two side buttons, coated differently for tactile distinction. There's a slim ambient strip light at the back which helps in dark lighting conditions. Attaching the mouse is done via conventional USB A lead. While wireless mice are still popular, they end up needing battery attention and sometimes can be half a beat off in terms of responsiveness.

If you want a decent mouse, this is worth your money.

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