Saturday 21 September 2019

Tech review: Cheaper Huawei P20 beats most rivals on price and features

Huawei P20, €559 from Three

Huawei P20
Huawei P20
Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

This review column recently rated Huawei's P20 Pro (€899) as the best cameraphone out there at present. But Huawei also has a highly impressive junior stablemate, the P20.

Overall, this 5.8-inch handset probably beats any other phone in its price bracket (under €600), while competing very well with the likes of the iPhone 8 and Samsung S9, two phones that are considerably pricier.

Its main strengths are its camera, battery life and design.

The camera automatically detects what sort of a situation you're in (whether it's landscape or people or low light) and adjusts its capabilities to maximise the potential for the shot.

The most impressive feature here is its 'night' setting. You point and hold the phone at something for a few seconds in dark conditions.

If there's any light source at all - a window, neon sign or street light - the camera builds on that light. It also appears to take several photos, stacking them into one shot that includes way more detail than you'd normally get from even the best phone cameras up to now.

The P20's design is another strong point. It's slim and metallic with a screen that stretches almost all the way to the top and sides. (It even has a 'notch' like the iPhone X.)

And then there is its excellent battery life. At 3,400mAh, this far exceeds most rivals in its category. Anyone who uses their phone a lot will appreciate this hugely.

Alas, like its larger P20 Pro sibling, this phone doesn't have a headphone jack. Then again, no top-end flagship phone does these days. (There's a headphone adapter in the box.)

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