Friday 15 November 2019

Samsung's vacuum va-va-voom

Samsung power bot
Samsung power bot
Saga Teamaker

Samsung PowerBot Price: €800 from Harvey Norman Rating: ****

Robot vacuum cleaners have gone from being a novelty to a serious alternative, especially for those with open plan living areas. The PowerBot's basic operation is similar to other robot vacuumers in that it has ten sensors that map out a cleaning plan and prevent it from bumping into things.

It has the ability to 'remember' your floor layout (wood, tiles or carpet) for the next time it cleans, speeding things up a little. You can either set it on automatic or use the accompanying remote control to manually point to individual areas.

The suction on the device is easily enough to get everyday fluff and dirt out, while the addition of side brushes widens its dust and dirt collection area, especially when it comes to sucking up little bits of things like rice or crisps. With just under an hour of cleaning time per charge, the PowerBot returns to its docking charger automatically when it knows it's close to running out.

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