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Samsung Bespoke Jet is light and has great suction power


Samsung Bespoke Jet is one of the more handsome vacuums

Samsung Bespoke Jet is one of the more handsome vacuums

Samsung Bespoke Jet is one of the more handsome vacuums

Price: €849

Samsung Bespoke Jet

Pros: great suction power, very flexible

Cons: not cheap and a bit top-heavy

In recent years, cordless vacuum cleaners have been moving from their niche of ‘handy, but you need a main plug-in model as a backup’ to ‘powerful and versatile enough for my whole home’.

Samsung’s Bespoke Jet is probably the best example yet of a model that has come across our testing desk that is following that trajectory.

It is the most powerful, most sturdy, most effective cordless vacuum we’ve yet used, easily seeing off Dyson’s V15 range. It is also one of the most flexible. It can mop hard floors, with an assisting spray built in, as well as the usual vacuuming activities and even a bit of sweeping.

This is particularly useful for those who have pets. Our household has a goes-wherever-he-wants cat and a labradoodle that sheds. (Don’t believe the stories that labradoodles ‘don’t shed’: we have black dog hair in every corner of our home.)

This combination, together with people walking around in their outdoor shoes when they’ve been told to leave them in the porch, creates an environment that can sometimes become a little soiled.

Our home is a recently-built three-storey townhouse, with a mixture of hard floors, carpets and tiles.

For different reasons, each surface provides an annoyingly complex array of issues when it comes to a vacuum. The stair carpet, in particular, is rough wool. While it’s sturdy, it traps and retains more grit than I’d like.

The Bespoke Jet did just about the best job on it that I’ve come across from the cordless vacuums I’ve tested. Its motor is a lightweight beast that delivers up to 210 watts of suction power.

One of the reasons that this costs more than some of the other models on the market is the inclusion of Samsung’s auto-empty ‘clean station’ that can automatically empty the dust canister when docked, without – Samsung claims – any fine dust particles escaping. The (disposable) bag is quite easy to remove and replace.

This is great for those who put off emptying the dust bin until it’s crammed full of muck.

Samsung claims that its “multi-layered filtration” system deals with 99.999pc of dust. Obviously, this is hard to test – has anyone ever measured for 0.001pc of dust in a domestic household? But it seemed to do a pretty decent job.

Physically, this is one of the more handsome vacuums I’ve tried, too. There’s a choice of three colours, and all are fairly tasteful. There’s a hint of retro styling going on here, too, despite the helpful digital display.

It’s not the noisiest machine, either, a crucial consideration in our house.

Perhaps the most interesting use is its Spray Spinning Sweeper head. It’s not just a mop, it can sweep, too. Obviously, this means pushing dust and dirt into piles and mounds, as it can’t vacuum at the same time.

You’ll get up to 60 minutes per charge with each removal battery (of which two are included), although it can be as little as 10 minutes if you use it on the highest suction setting.

As for downsides, the only real one for me was its weight distribution. It’s a little top-heavy which sometimes takes a little muscle when manoeuvering into tight spaces.

But overall, this is a top-end vacuum system that is completely competent.