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Revealed: Top 10 things Ireland googled in 2015

We indulged in furious googling of RTE’s Operation Transformation and plenty of us couldn't get enough of Eurovision 2015.
We indulged in furious googling of RTE’s Operation Transformation and plenty of us couldn't get enough of Eurovision 2015.

Sarah-Jane Murphy

2015 was the year Ireland officially went rugby mad, with thousands of green jersey clad fans making their way to Cardiff to support Joe Schmidt's men.

Therefore, it's no surprise that the Rugby World Cup nabs the top spot in terms of 'top-trending search terms' as revealed today by Google. 

It’s been a phenomenal year for UFC mixed martial artist (MMA) Conor McGregor, and ended in a blaze of glory as he over-powered his opponent, Jose Aldo, in a mere 13 seconds in Las Vegas last Sunday morning.

The Crumlin man's popularity is emphasised by the fact that he landed the number three spot on the 'top-trending search terms' list.

He also took top spot in the 'top-trending sports people' category and the anticipation of seeing him take on Aldo led us to search for ‘How to watch McGregor fight in Ireland’ in our thousands.

As a nation we have a keen interest in world news, and this is reflected by our googling of global incidents such as the Paris terror attacks, the massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris and the murder of Karen Buckley in Glasgow.

Closer to home we indulged in furious googling of RTE’s Operation Transformation while plenty of us couldn't get enough of Eurovision 2015.

Jurassic World, the fastest movie to hit the $1 billion mark at the box office, was also a hotly searched topic in Ireland, as many of us sought out detailed information on Spielberg's latest dinosaur adventure.

Former Taoiseach Charles Haughey tops the list of 'top-trending politicians', his profile no doubt boosted by the RTE mini-series, starring Aidan Gillen,  which documented his life, both political and personal.

Who can forget the Ortolan-eating scene with French President Francois Mitterand?

Health Minister Leo Varadkar came in second after Haughey, followed by potential US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Also making the political list is Renua Ireland's Terence Flanagan, his profile boosted by his legendary 'Drivetime' interview on RTE Radio wherein he suffered a brain freeze, lost his train of thought, and had to terminate the conversation.

Google is particularly good at answering burning questions.

‘Who is Lucy the Australopithecus?’ topped the list of ‘Who is…?’ questions, following the 41st anniversary of its discovery.

Thousands of us wanted to know ‘How to use Snapchat’, as questions regarding the popular social media app topped the How to? List.

Our national fondness for pancakes was revealed as ‘When is Pancake Tuesday?’ topped the When is? list.

The world of football and boxing were well represented with Pedro and Tyson Fury both making the cut.

Former All Blacks star Jonah Lomu is listed at number nine in the 'top-trending people' section following his untimely death in November.

Controversial TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson's sudden departure from hit show Top Gear earned him the number six spot in the list.

Meanwhile, Tony Fenton, one of Ireland’s most loved DJs who sadly passed away during the summer also makes the 'top-trending people' list. 

Head of Google's News Lab in Europe Matt Cooke said that homegrown celebrities have generated a lot of interest this year.

“Our annual Year In Search survey provides a fascinating snapshot of our interests and obsessions throughout the year," he said.

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Here are the Year in Search survey results in full:

Top Ten Trending

1.       Rugby World Cup 2015

2.       Karen Buckley

3.       Conor McGregor

4.       Paris

5.       Lamar Odom

6.       Lady Colin Campbell

7.       Jurassic World

8.       Eurovision 2015

9.       Charlie Hebdo

10.     Operation Transformation 2015


Top Trending People

1.       Karen Buckley

2.       Conor McGregor

3.       Lamar Odom

4.       Lady Colin Campbell

5.       Ed Sheeran

6.       Jeremy Clarkson

7.       Cilla Black

8.       Tony Fenton

9.       Jonah Lomu

10.     Ruby Rose


Top Trending Sportspeople

1.       Conor McGregor

2.       Jonah Lomu

3.       Ronda Rousey

4.       Tyson Fury

5.       Stephanie Roche

6.       Jurgen Klopp

7.       Manny Pacquiao

8.       Pedro

9.       Ian Madigan

10.     Shane Long


Top Trending Sport Events

1.       Rugby World Cup 2015

2.       Cheltenham 2015

3.       Wimbledon 2015

4.       Cricket World Cup

5.       Ploughing Championships 2015

6.       Six nations 2015

7.       Mayweather vs Pacquiao

8.       Copa America

9.       Grand National 2015

10.     Champions League Final


Top Trending Politicians

1.       Charlie Haughey

2.       Leo Varadkar

3.       Donald Trump

4.       Jeremy Corbyn

5.       David Cameron

6.       PJ Mara

7.       Charles Kennedy

8.       Terence Flanagan

9.       Ed Miliband

10.     Hillary Clinton


Top Trending TV Shows

1.       Eurovision 2015

2.       Operation transformation 21

3.       Big Brother 2015

4.       Oscars 2015

5.       Celebrity Big Brother

6.       Narcos

7.       Better Call Saul

8.       Game of Thrones Season 5

9.       Strictly Come Dancing 2015

10.     Daredevil


Top Trending News

1.       Rugby World Cup

2.       Karen Buckley

3.       Lamar Odom

4.       Paris

5.       Eurovision 2015

6.       Charlie Hebdo

7.       Budget 2016

8.       Caitlyn Jenner

9.       Greece

10.     Wimbledon 2015


Top Trending Music Acts

1.       Ed Sheeran

2.       Adele

3.       Eagles of death metal

4.       Lil Chris

5.       Meghan Trainor

6.       Albert Hammond

7.       Florence and the Machine

8.       Justin Bieber

9.       Dr Dre

10.     Kelly Clarkson


Top Trending What is?

1.       What is isis

2.       What is je suis charlie

3.       What is lupus

4.       What is processed meat

5.       What is a frappé

6.       What is ebola

7.       What is 0 divided by 0

8.       What is Charlie Charlie

9.       What is happening in Syria

10.     What is a solar eclipse


Top Trending Who is?

1.       Who is Lucy the Australopithecus               

2.       Who is lady C            

3.       Who is A in pretty little liars             

4.       Who is Nick Grimshaw                      

5.       Who is isis                  

6.       Who is the father of Charity Dingles son in Emmerdale                

7.       Who is Kitty McGeever                     

8.       Who is Ronnie Pickering                  

9.       Who is Charlie Hebdo                      

10.     Who is the Arkham knight               


Top Trending When is?

1.       When is Easter 2015  

2.       When is Pancake Tuesday 2015       

3.       When is Halloween 2015      

4.       When is the Late Late Toy show 2015         

5.       When is Thanksgiving 2015 

6.       When is Fathers day in ireland 2015

7.       When is Chinese new year 2015      

8.       When is Ash Wednesday 2015         

9.       When is FIFA 16 out  

10.     When is black Friday 2015 in ireland           


Top Trending How to?

1.       How to use new snapchat    

2.       How to make pancake mix   

3.       How to eat pomelo   

4.       How to draw a minion          

5.       How to bleed radiators         

6.       How to make loom bands    

7.       How to watch McGregor fight in Ireland    

8.       How to get rid of hickeys fast          

9.       How to get rid of brain freeze         

10.     How to view a solar eclipse

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