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RATING: 9/10

Three million user-generated levels and counting. That's a testament to the infinite creativity of the gamers who embraced Little Big Planet's build-your-own mode. But it's also a salute to the genius of LBP's creators Media Molecule who gave us the toolkit in the first place.

You may rightfully ask why bother to buy LBP2. Those three million freely downloadable levels span the gamut of everything from giant calculators to Mario Bros clones to wonderfully inventive originals. You'd never run out of something to play.

With the sequel, Media Molecule gives its community new tools to toy with but the apple still hasn't fallen far from the tree. LBP2 is structurally similar to the original -- a cute platform game full of whimsy and a construction playpen in which your imagination can run riot.

Most of us will relish the fresh challenges of the main game but remain nonplussed by the DIY aspect.

Instead, we'll wait for those with a creative spark to master the new game-building tools and design a million more inspired levels.

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