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RATING: 8/10

It's only been 25 years but BTTF finally gets the game it deserves.

A point-and-click adventure from the people who also successfully revived Sam & Max and Monkey Island, Episode One revisits the time-travelling shenanigans of the movie trilogy.

The puzzles lack a little depth and movement is clunky. But with characters ably voiced by Christopher Lloyd and an uncanny Michael J Fox soundalike coupled to an engagingly oddball story, this first of five episodes is a treat for BTTF fans.

RATING: 7.5/10



The elevator pitch for Raskulls probably said Mario Kart meets Mr Driller. But the creators eke myriad variations from this wacky combo of block bashing and platform racing.

Its exacting physics can be frustrating at high speed but the irreverent humour and addictive pull make Raskulls worth the download.

RATING: 6/10

Hasbro Family Games Night 3


Five classic games in one seems like a recipe for good value. But HFGN3 ends up a bit of a curate's egg. Some, such as the faithful remakes of Mousetrap and Life, are enjoyably daft.

Others, such as the peculiar remix of Twister that's completely unlike Twister, are entirely pointless.

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