Tuesday 18 June 2019

QR Code start-up Codacast shortlisted for 'Best New Web App' awards

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Web Awards logo

Galway-based QR Code start up, Codacast, has been shortlisted for the Irish Web Awards in two categories.

Codacast creates, designs and manages promotional campaigns for its clients using ‘QR Codes’ with added Facebook-shareability.

The start-up has taken traditional black and white QR codes and enabled them to include the logo of the company, advertise the company via a Facebook post and include colours. They can also track usage of the code to calculate ROI.

It has been shortlisted in the 'Best Science and Technology Site' and 'Best New Web Application/Service'.

“The scanning metrics provide our clients with the ability to monitor the performance of each code and calculate their Return on Investment on a code-by-code or campaign basis,” said CEO & Founder Mark White. “Printing a QR code is no longer hit-and-miss.”

The company has found that "people engage quite readily with further QR codes once they have scanned their first one" so are have "chosen to focus on promotions (competitions / draws) at events, with event-specific QR Code branding, the Codacast technical team on hand to educate first-time ‘scanners’ and back-end software edited to suit each new client’s requirements”.

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