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Presciptions via your tablet - startup could be just what the doctor ordered


WebDoctor.ie has just launched with a prescription refill service

We can probably all picture the scene. The alarm goes off ... but you didn't set it correctly last night. Bleary-eyed, you realise that trip to your doctor to refill a prescription will have to go on hold if you're going to make the meeting at 8am.

You'll be able to get out early this evening and get the prescription filled, you tell yourself.

By 4pm it's clear that if you make it out by 7 you'll be doing well, and looking at your diary for tomorrow, the doctor will have to wait a little bit longer. Maybe you can do it next week?

For professionals today, leisurely trips to the doctor are a time-consuming (and expensive) luxury that just can't be afforded so easily.

A lot of the time, those trips tends to be fairly straightforward anyway, and if you thought it was something serious then you would find the time to visit your GP.

This is where WebDoctor.ie comes in. The brainchild of IT professional Oisin Kim, WebDoctor.ie has just launched with a prescription refill service that will soon move onto online consultations.

The first Irish-owned online doctors, Web Doctor is aiming to save people time and money.

"We launched silently some weeks ago and already we have seen a substantial amount of traffic," says Mr Kim.

"At the moment we are providing repeat prescriptions for the contraceptive pill and erectile dysfunction but we expect to expand are offering very quickly," he adds.

Along with a team of six people, including three medical professionals, Mr Kim has worked on the project for the last year.

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The medical side of the business is led by clinical director Sylvester Mooney, who is a 25 -ear veteran of Irish medicine. Mr Mooney owns and manages the Fitzwilliam Clinic in Dublin.

On the back of the soft launch, has come affirmation of Web Doctor's concept and the company is now looking to expand, in Mr Kim's words, "pretty aggressively".

"We are being pretty aggressive in terms of bringing on additional treatments, and we have plans for a video consultation service to set up shortly.

"In essence, that would mean that a customer registers with the site, fills out a questionnaire, and then for a €10 consultation fee, they will be dealt with by a doctor."

Clearly, not every ailment can be diagnosed without meeting a doctor face to face but Mr Kim has in place a mechanism for just such an occurrence.

"About 20pc of the consultations reviews turn out to be outside a very narrow band of approval so in that case the customer would get a 100pc refund and we are building a network of GPs that would then offer the patient a discount on their consultation.

WebDoctor is already looking at the UK market - there is clearly an opportunity there and they will aggressively go after it.

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