Tuesday 21 January 2020

Portlaoise gets wiped off map by Microsoft

Bing Maps shows Portlaoise as Maryborough
Bing Maps shows Portlaoise as Maryborough

MICROSOFT'S Bing maps boasts 3D imagery and traffic information – but nobody updated the fact that Portlaoise changed its name from Maryborough in 1929.

The anachronistic name still appears just alongside the M7 motorway for Microsoft users taking a close look at the Irish midlands.

The town was named Maryborough during the reign of Queen Mary in 1557 – at the same time as the county of Laois was named Queen's County in her honour.

In an effort to distance its name from British royalty, it was renamed Portlaoise.

Despite the mistake being highlighted on Twitter, it had not been corrected last night.

But this is not the first blunder from the modern mapping applications.

On Apple's iOS 6 maps, Dublin Zoo was mistakenly located in Temple Bar.

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