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PCH plans tattoo-like 'wearable stamp' for contactless payments


Liam Casey of PCH

Liam Casey of PCH

Liam Casey of PCH

Liam Casey’s PCH is teaming up with a Massachusetts company to bring to market a “wearable stamp” designed to enable to allow users to make contactless payments.

The manufacturing company has signed a partnership with MC10, which has developed the technology.

PCH said the deal “will allow brands to develop a variety of consumer applications for the platform, which is a skin-worn, ultra-thin, stretchable and disposable stamp.”

As well as contactless payments, the companies hope the product – which is similar to a disposable tattoo – will be able to facilitate hotel room access, event registration, and interactive experiences at amusement parks, sporting and music events, when paired with a smartphone, tablet, or near-field communication reader.

The stamp could also be used to transmit patient information in a medical context. Mr Casey, founder and chief executive of PCH, said the stamp is “highly customisable, allowing brands to create personalised and engaging experiences that reinforce customer loyalty”.

The stamp can also be used in tandem with analytics software to enable brands to “deepen their understanding of consumer behaviour”. PCH said the stamp is designed to become unreadable when it is removed from the body in order to “maintain the security” of stored information. Scott Pomerantz, the president and chief executive of Lexington-based MC10, said the PCH partnership would “expand the reach of MC10’s body-worn electronics globally, within and beyond [its] core healthcare market”.

PCH said it would work with other companies to customise MC10’s technology. The stamp was first brought to market in conjunction with L’Oreal, and was used to monitor people’s UV exposure. PCH has also manufactured products for Apple and Beats Headphones.

Recently it announced it was cutting its staff numbers in China, where its operational headquarters are located, as part of a drive to boost efficiency.

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