Monday 11 November 2019

Open your front door via Apple iPhone with new €87 lock

Matt Warman

A Silicon Valley start-up has launched a $99 (€89) door lock which is locked and unlocked by an app on your iPhone rather than a key.

The Bolt by Lockitron is a low-cost follow-up to the company’s first electronic lock which cost almost twice as much and encountered problems in scaling-up manufacturing.

By using simpler and existing components the company has slashed costs with the new model and hopes to be able to supply far more devices.

It fits in place on your door and talks to iOS or Android devices over Bluetooth to control locking and unlocking. It is also compatible with apps made for the Pebble watch, Android Wear and Google Glass.

Although the device will not work on all doors, installation typically requires just six screws and around ten minutes, the company claims

An additional unit called Bridge (which will sell for $79) allows it to be controlled remotely over Wi-Fi, so you could unlock your door from work to let friends or tradesmen in, for example.

The company said in a blog post that "Bolt is smaller, more elegant and more robust than the crowdfunded Lockitron.

"It has a better battery life, more fault tolerant embedded architecture and includes Lockitron’s most popular features.

"Most importantly, however, Lockitron Bolt has been designed with mass manufacturing in mind from day one.

"Bolt is based on a tested locking mechanism that has seen millions of cycles across thousands of doors. It’s manufactured in a facility that’s proven its ability to ship tens of thousands of units per year."

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