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One (M8) is the best-looking phone in the world. Probably

HTC One M8 Rating: HHHH

IF Apple made an Android device, it would probably look like this. Indeed, HTC's last phone, the One, was the best-looking handset on the market. Its updated model, confusingly called the "One (M8)", retains this status.

The M8 has a few other things I like, too. Its camera remains within touching distance of the market's summit thanks to a nice, wide angle and an 'ultra-pixel' approach that eschews a high megapixel count in favour of better performance in low light. It also joins the iPhone 5S in having a slow-motion video mode, something that becomes addictive. The phone's screen is a little bigger than the last model, at five inches. For someone like me, this is definitely a good thing: I find it very irritating to go back to smaller, four-inch (or only slightly bigger) devices in this age of news, online video and social media. HTC has tidied up a few previous irritants on the One and One Mini devices, such as a cleaner keyboard that doesn't result in as many mistypes as the previous versions.

Having used it for a few days, I'd call the M8's battery life adequate, but not quite up there with rivals from Samsung: I can just about make it through a full day without a charge.

Non-iPhone 5 users will find HTC's decision to opt for a nano-sim format over the (still standard) micro-sim a bit annoying. It's also quite a heavy phone.

But this is a good effort that keeps HTC competitive with Samsung and Apple.

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