Sunday 17 November 2019

On the surface, it's a Netflix winner

Microsoft Surface 3 Price: from €610 Rating: HHHH

My home-computing life is dominated by a MacBook Air, a Surface Pro 2 and an iPad mini. The Surface's place is down to its high-grade screen and audio quality - it is the best Netflix device I own. Happily, the latest 11-inch Surface 3 is even better. They've changed the screen shape a little, giving it a less rectangular format (from the Surface Pro 2) and it's a little smaller than the Surface Pro 3. But the form factor is now almost perfect for a Netflix user's laptop of choice. Of course, it's designed to be a proper Windows laptop, too. Curiously, although it is the lightest of the recent Surface devices, its clip-on, backlit keyboard (irritatingly sold separately for over €100) is a little thicker and heavier than previous versions. Also, this makes do with an Intel Atom chip rather than the nice, fast Core i5 or i7 processor under the hood of the Surface Pro 3. I didn't notice any real slowness in what I used it for, but I wasn't piling any photo or video editing on, either.

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