Monday 18 December 2017

No more info superhighways: 10 techie terms you need to know to remain credible

Think you know tech jargon? Confident that scaling your paradigm shifts and leveraging your granular solutions entitles you to hang out with today's business software bosses?

Some tech terms you can't be without
Some tech terms you can't be without
Some tech terms you need to know
Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

Think again. Keeping up with current tech jargon requires vigilance and constant re-education. There are no more information superhighways, hubs or clusters. So if you need to engage with a tech-savvy audience, here are Adrian Weckler's 10 most current jargon terms that can be casually slipped into conversation to assure peers of your credentials.

1 Pivot

Translation: Change course or business direction.

Typical usage: "We saw little demand for iPads so we pivoted. Now we're selling bananas."

2 Bandwidth

Translation: Capacity for communication, often in a diary context.

Typical usage: "Just checking your bandwidth to see whether we can schedule a meeting next Tuesday."

3 Dogfooding

Translation: Using your own product in the normal course of business.

Typical usage: "If we're not dogfooding it, it's a tougher sell."

4 Sunsetting

Translation: Shutting something down.

Typical usage: "We are letting folks know that, as of January 31st, we will be sunsetting this product so you need to download your files from it."

5 Social

Translation: Anything that involves open online communication.

Typical usage: (i) "We need to go social." (ii) "The service? Oh, it's a combination of disruptive and social."

6 Beta

Translation: Test version. (Sometimes, successor version to 'alpha' version.)

Typical usage: "Our beta version is invitation-only at this time. To register an interest, just leave your email address here."

7 Meta

Translation: A small abstraction that gives more insight into the nature of the thing in question.

Typical usage: "Then he called to say the details needed to be processed through a nine-letter domain name. It was all very meta."

8 Take Offline

Translation: Private correspondence.

Typical usage: "We'll all meet B here on Monday. Jane, you and I can take the design discussions offline."

9 Ping

Translation: Email or messaging action.

Typical usage: "Just ping me over those details."

10 'Uber'

Translation: A service with easy online and mobile access. (It derives from an actual online service called Uber, which pairs those seeking a car lift with drivers.)

Typical usage: "We're the Uber of Munster car parking apps."

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