Saturday 17 March 2018

No major show-stoppers here

Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

In Ireland, Apple's iPhone does very, very well. Its models outsell rivals from Samsung, HTC and other brands. In this, Irish people react to Apple phones in a way much more similar to the US and the UK (where the iPhone dominates) than in markets such as Germany and big Asian countries, where Samsung rules.

So it is a fairly decent bet that Irish people will go for Apple's new models. It is also clear that the iPhone 4S is to be the 'pleb's' iPhone, being the only model that will be even remotely affordable on prepay.

There is lots to like about the new phones, in particular the improved camera and graphics of the high-end iPhone 5S. But as has been Apple's track record over the last 12 months, since its share price started to tank, there are no show-stoppers on offer here.

Perhaps that no longer matters to most ordinary people, who simply want a good-quality smartphone that seamlessly operates the best apps and allows them smooth access to the social media services that now dominate everyday life. But a larger screen would have been nice.

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