Monday 21 October 2019

YouTube photographer denies impropriety with models


Jason Lanier has more than 300,000 YouTube followers. Stock image
Jason Lanier has more than 300,000 YouTube followers. Stock image
Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

The popular YouTube photographer Jason Lanier has denied allegations of impropriety levelled against him by a number of female photography models.

Mr Lanier, who has more than 300,000 YouTube followers, took to his channel to rebut allegations of inappropriate behaviour outlined by several former colleagues.

Mr Lanier is well-known on YouTube for his online photography workshops and instruction videos.

The American former hotelier had also formed sponsorship deals with Sony and Rotolight due to his large online following. He regularly runs location photography shoots and classes around the world. The photographer's video denials come as new industry figures show that the camera market fell by 22pc in 2018.

The camera market has fallen by more than 80pc in the past decade, with a number of companies now under threat.

However, the number of lenses sold showed a slower decline, falling only 7pc.

Canon's market share increased last year to more than 40pc, with Nikon slipping to below 20pc.

Sony is third on 18pc, with Fujifilm (5pc) and Olympus (3pc) making up the remainder of the top five.

Camera sales are expected to fall further during 2019 as the camera technology available on smartphones continues to improve.

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