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Your three options - back up, pay up or do nothing...


Stock photo: PA

Stock photo: PA

Stock photo: PA

A leading IT and cyber specialist has said businesses and organisations attacked by ransomware have only three options in response.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Joseph Carson, of Thycotic, said that any response should be within the first 24 hours, as after 72 hours all data may have disappeared entirely.

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The following are the options available during a ransomware attack on your system:

1. Back up: Do you have a back-up for all of your data and is it operational? The cost of backing up the system is another issue.

2. Pay up: Pay the ransom requested, which is usually through Bitcoin - a digital payment system. The cost varies significantly.

3. Do nothing: If you do not have a back-up to your data and refuse to pay the ransom requested, then the only other option available is to do nothing and build up your data entirely from scratch.

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