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What Kinzen is and how it works


Kinzen has been launched by Mark Little and Aine Kerr

Kinzen has been launched by Mark Little and Aine Kerr

Kinzen has been launched by Mark Little and Aine Kerr

Formerly known as Neva Labs, Dublin-based Kinzen is a news app that aims to sift out junk and promote expert-led news and information from around the web.

It plans to do this through the service's users, around whom the system is based. Experts in their field will share and discuss 'quality' news links in what amounts to a top-down, 'curated' organisation.

The service will be structured in a way to allow for a personalised news feed, backed by artificial intelligence and algorithms, that will be based on a user's preferences and what experts are interested in.

Users' motivation for being 'curators' and leading conversations might be borne of a sense of expertise or community. A subscription model is also being considered.

The website will be free to use for the first few months. Early next year, the app will be launched on a basic subscription basis: €5 per month is a likely fee level, in tandem with what is commonly charged on systems such as Patreon. The service's founders are emphasising a clampdown on false news and dishonest sourcing. However, they say that they will not police the tone or content shared or discussed within the app.

With no ads, it is being styled as an antidote to social network news delivery which, Little and Kerr say, is based on grabbing and holding a person's attention for as long as possible, regardless of content.

The founders, who worked together at Storyful, also say that current news publishers may be interested in Kinzen, possibly in subscription partnerships.

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