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Want to connect with consumers through Whatsapp and Facebook messenger? Read on


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The Facebook Messenger chat bot, Ava, was launched in April by the Connector, and is the very first innovation of its kind to be developed and rolled out from Ireland.

Chat bots are expected to significantly change the way businesses interact with and support their customers online, the digital marketing, social media strategy and design company has advised.

With 1.9 million Facebook Messenger users and 1.7 million WhatsApp users in Ireland, these two platforms have a higher percentage of users than any other messenger network in the country.

“I am delighted to introduce our fellow innovators and marketers to Ava - a fast and personal way to connect people to the resources and expertise that they need, whenever and wherever they need it” CEO of Connector, Conor Lynch said.

“People love to communicate with one another using Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Despite the development of more sophisticated tools, we seem to be satisfied with the logic, scale and immediacy of instant messaging.” said Lynch.

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“By employing a chat-first strategy, any organisation can drive sales, provide efficient customer service, enhance their brand experience and encourage loyalty from their customers.” he continued.

Business who have started using bots have already experienced significant results from using the tool, SnapTravel made over one million in bookings via messenger, while cosmetics company Sephora has seen a lift of 11pc in sales.

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