Saturday 25 January 2020

Vine update allows clips to be created from pre-existing videos

Rhiannon Williams

A new update for Vine will allow users to create their own six-second clips from pre-existing videos for the first time.

Until now, Vines could only be shot through a phone's front or rear-facing camera, giving users much greater freedom over the content of their clips.

Multiple videos can now be mixed into a single Vine, alongside support for iOS's popular slow-motion video function.

Tapping the scissors icon from the preview screen allows users to edit your Vine and try out new tools such as the duplicate button and mute button. Any mistakes can be removed by tapping the undo button.

In addition to the new feature, a raft of tools including a grid, focus lock, torch for shooting in low light conditions and ghost mode for lining up a current shot with a previous one has also been released.

The changes are currently only available for iOS Vine users, while Android users will receive the update soon.

More than 100 million people watch Vines across the internet each month, with more than one billion loops (repeated watches of a clip) being monitored each day.

Founded in June 2012, Twitter acquired the video app last October for an alleged $30 million.

The app has found itself at the centre of a row with the Premier League, which has banned goals being uploaded unofficially by fans to Vine in an effort to prevent the breaking of copyright laws.

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