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TikTok to create 100 jobs at new Dublin 'safety hub'


TikTok’s video sharing platform was among the most downloaded apps of 2019 (Peter Byrne/PA)

TikTok’s video sharing platform was among the most downloaded apps of 2019 (Peter Byrne/PA)

TikTok’s video sharing platform was among the most downloaded apps of 2019 (Peter Byrne/PA)

TikTok, the social media app that is surging in popularity among teens and young adults, is to establish a new European base in Dublin with 100 people.

The company's EMEA trust and safety hub is to be headed up by Facebook's Dublin-based head of community operations, Cormac Keenan.

Mr Keenan is expected to become the company's liaison with Irish and European regulators, including the new Online Safety Commission proposed by the Government.

TikTok, which has almost a billion users and is owned by Chinese firm ByteDance, is not making the Dublin office an official European headquarters, with London set to remain the platform's second-biggest global office, behind Los Angeles.

TikTok's Dublin office will remain at WeWork's Harcourt Road premises. It also operates from a WeWork facility in London.

The Dublin office will become TikTok's third global trust and safety hub, following San Francisco and Singapore.

An Ipsos MRBI survey this week put TikTok as the fastest-growing social network in Ireland, with 6pc of all adults using it, up from 2pc six months ago.

However, it is most popular with teenagers, with some surveys claiming that it is installed on the phones of more than a third of Irish teens.

TikTok was the second most downloaded app in the US App Store last year, with similar rates of adoption in Europe.

Earlier this month, the platform was discovered to have a security flaw that could redirect users to a malicious website.

However, the company has said that no TikTok user accounts were breached or attacked through the flaw.

TikTok has also courted controversy in recent months with accusations of censorship over Hong Kong protests against a Chinese security crackdown.

"For people to feel comfortable expressing themselves, they must feel safe," said Alex Zhu, president of TikTok.

"The establishment of this new EMEA hub in Dublin and Cormac's appointment is part of our ongoing commitment to prioritise user safety by continuously strengthening the policies, technologies and strategies that both facilitate freedom of creative expression and protect users from harm."

He added: "This hub, under Cormac's leadership, will shape a more localised content policy approach that aligns with the values, standards and norms of our key markets across the region."

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