Saturday 24 March 2018

The pain is over! Dyson unveils new 'intelligent' robot hoover

DYSON has unveiled a new robot vacuum clear, the 360 Eye, which can navigate using a 360-degree system and can be programmed using an iPhone or Android smartphone.

While most traditional cleaners rely on bumpers, that prevent them from bumping into walls, some new ones also have infrared sensors to detect obstacles.

But the new Dyson has a 360-degree vision system which allows it to 'see' its environment.

From this it can build a floor plan and navigate a room.

Its infrared sensors work in association with a lens on the top of the machine which has a 360-degree panoramic camera.

"When you or I go into a room, there are waypoints that we see that help us vacuum clean the room – like the corner of a table we don’t want to bump our heads into, or the edge of the sofa that we don’t want to run against," said James Dyson, founder of Dyson.

"But we don’t know what we’ve done – we can only guess at that – and we don’t know how far we are from objects, and we don’t have a plan of the room. Our robot knows exactly where it is in the room, it makes a plan of the room, and it knows exactly where it’s been.

"We have a vision of great things in the future from this system, and we believe a huge amount of automation will be a matter of interpreting what you see."

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