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The Big Tech Show: Trying to fulfill your potential as a tech firm


Ding CEO Mark Roden

Ding CEO Mark Roden

Ding CEO Mark Roden

Some Irish tech firms prosper, some go bust and a great many simply run as a going concern.

But there is a small number of Irish companies that still get talked about as ones with ‘potential’, even when they’re ten years old and bringing in millions.

Ding, the Dublin-based firm that lets people top up their mobile phone credfit, may fall into this category.

The company, founded by Mark Roden, has done pretty well to date. It has annual revenue of €38m based on over €500m of phone top-ups through its system. These come via deals with over 500 mobile operators and availability through 600,000 retail outlets.

But talk to anyone in the Irish tech industry and it’s still discussed as something yet to see its finest day. Roden himself sets this tone, saying it hasn’t quite fulfilled its ambition.

This week, Adrian sits down with Roden to talk about what he thinks the company should do next.

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