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The Big Tech Show: Irish telecoms exec Declan Ganley on China's 'military-industrial ethos which threatens western security'



Declan Ganley

Declan Ganley

Declan Ganley

In the wake of a Huawei executive arrested for spying in the EU, do western countries face a threat to their national security from Chinese telecom and tech companies?

Or is the current controversy over who builds 5G networks being infused with scaremongering and paranoia by US politicians and commentators?

Adrian sits down with Declan Ganley, the long-time Irish telecoms executive who claims that China has a military-industrial ethos which threatens western security.

Adrian puts it to Declan that there is little evidence so far linking telecoms rollout that involve Chinese infrastructure firms with spying or other nation state activities. But Declan isn’t convinced, arguing that there is a greater national ‘mission’ in China that cannot be ignored.

The two also debate how 5G licences should be rolled in future, with Declan arguing that the current system is broken.

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