Wednesday 16 October 2019

The Big Tech Show: Harvey says, “you’ve got it wrong, Weckler”

Blaine Callard, CEO of Harvey Norman Ireland
Blaine Callard, CEO of Harvey Norman Ireland
Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

Podcast host Adrian Weckler has been writing columns saying that web shopping — and Amazon in particular — is seriously altering the fortunes of offline retailers and the future of the ‘high street’.

But the head of one of Ireland’s biggest retail chains, Harvey Norman’s Blaine Callard, thinks this is baloney.

This week, Adrian invites Blaine on to tell him why.

Blaine tells him that empty spaces in high streets and run down shopping centres are a misreading of the data and have more to do with parking charges, bad zoning and plain bad retailing than Amazon.

He also reserves delivers harsh verdicts on retailers such as Clerys and Sears.

Adrian remains unconvinced, but gives Blaine a good run at why he thinks the media are running with a false narrative.

The two recorded the podcast in Harvey Norman’s newest flagship outlet, the 58,000 square foot store in Tallaght.

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