Sunday 22 September 2019

The Big Tech Show: Adrian Weckler on the digital age of consent, Google’s Duplex, Elon Musk and Yanny versus Laurel

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Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

Adrian is joined by culture journalist Roisin Kiberd and INM’s head of product (and SundayIndependent columnist) Steve Dempsey to pore through some of the biggest tech tissues of the week.

- Do people have a right to know that they’re talking to a robot (such as Google’s Duplex)? Is it amazing or creepy?

- Has Ireland made a mistake in choosing 16 as the digital age of consent rather than 13, like the UK? While there are pros and cons to the higher age, there’s a nagging feeling that it may be unenforceable and, ironically, let tech companies off the hook for properly catering to young teenagers (as it can now assume they’re all 16).

- Twitter starts hiding replies from those it deems to be ‘trolls’;

- Facebook’s removal of fake accounts and millions of pieces of content involving extreme violence or pornography;

- Airbnb to be banned from parts of Amsterdam – will more and more cities follow?

- Banks trawling through your social media – honesty or a step too far?

- How Elon Musk and Grimes got together over a nerdy science fiction joke about artificial intelligence.

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