Monday 9 December 2019

Panasonic to resurrect its Technic brand in bid to win high audio sector

Picturrd: Michiko Ogawa, Technics director, with new Technics stereos
Picturrd: Michiko Ogawa, Technics director, with new Technics stereos
Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

Panasonic has announced that it is to resurrect its Technic brand in a bid to kickstart the high end audio sector.

At a presentation in Berlin's IFA technology conference, the company unveiled two initial sets of Technics sterep 'separate' amps, pre-amps and speaker models that will focus on higher levels of audio quality to what is currently available among mass market audio devices.

The move is being sparked by an improvement in broadband availability and speeds, said the company's director of Technics, Michiko Ogawa.

"We believe that with faster downloads, the time has come again for high end music quality systems," said Ogawa.

The relaunch of Technics comes as streaming services such as Spotify seek higher bitrate levels for better audio quality. Limited bandwidth for both consumer broadband and mobile internet streaming has typically resulted in compressed audio files that struggle when played over a certain volume level.

The new equipment will be capable of accepting physical, digital and streamed music, although not over wifi.

"We've opted for cabling instead so as not to compromise the audio quality," said Andrew Denham, managing director of Panasonic in Ireland and the UK. "This is a brave, exciting move for us."

The Technics stereo equipment is expected to be available in Irish shops before Christmas.

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