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Order pizza from your Xbox One and it's available here


Source: Microsoft

Source: Microsoft

The Xbox One console

The Xbox One console


Source: Microsoft

Hungry Irish games will be delighted as giant Domino's has quietly released a new app that allows you to order pizza from your Microsoft's Xbox One console.

In a partnership between Microsoft and Domino’s, the app promises easy delivery-  using a controlleror or Xbox One's Kinect system.

The 32Mb app can be found in the Xbox One’s Marketplace and you can choose a pizza without picking up your phone.

You can also use Kinect, Microsoft's speech recognition software, to place the order.

The facility is available to Irish gamers.

It's also compatible with Xbox One’s Snap feature.

According to Eurogamer.net, the move also marks a change in taste for Microsoft - the Xbox 360 had a similar app for Pizza Hut.

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