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Number of Irish Facebook users 'peaks' while social media rivals continue to grow


Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg


Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

The number of people using Facebook looks to have peaked in Ireland, while rivals such as Twitter and Linkedin continue to grow.

According to new figures released by the polling firm Ipsos MRBI, 61pc of Irish adults use Facebook, the same number as 12 months ago.

The polling firm’s Social Networking Quarterly survey shows that 29pc of adults use Twitter, up 2pc on the same time last year. Meanwhile, Linkedin use continues to rise in Ireland, with 24pc of adults admitting to using the service.

Facebook-owned Instagram is also becoming more popular, with 18pc of adults using the photo-sharing platform while Pinterest has also seen its Irish user base almost double to 14pc.

The often-maligned Google Plus is used by 24pc of Irish adults, according to Ipsos MRBI.

However, while Facebook usage may have peaked, its users look at it far more frequently than any other social media platform. Almost three quarters (71pc) of Irish adult Facebook users visit the service every single day, a far higher number than Twitter (38pc), Instagram (41pc) or Linkedin (13pc).

This is an important metric for advertisers, which want to maximise their reach among frequent users.

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