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Netflix launches new site specifically for spoiling shows


Pic: Netflix

Pic: Netflix

Pic: Netflix

In a surprising PR move, Netflix have launched a new interactive site dedicated to spoiling its content.

Access to the Spoil Yourself page requires one click, containing clips of spoilers such as the season finale of Lost, season 8 of Desperate Housewives, and the climax of Kill Bill: Volume 2.

The streaming giant claims that "some secrets are too good to keep", following results from a new survey conducted by Harris Poll. Commissioned by Netflix, it was found that 21pc of Americans believe it's acceptable to share a spoiler immediately after a show or film is released. 94pc also said that a spoiler would not put them off watching a title.

The site's Which Spoiler Are You? quiz can be used to find out exactly where you stand on these criteria, asking the participant which spoilers are too recent to share. Users can then vote on which spoilers should be allowed in the public domain. At the time of writing, Cool Runnings holds the title of most appropriate release to spoil.

This development follows the popularity of Netflix titles such as House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black, both of which are released in entire seasons, altering the rate and reception of spoilers being shared on social media.