Thursday 18 April 2019

Mobile phone anxiety? Six out of ten Irish people suffer from nomophobia

Sarah Stack

Almost six out of ten Irish adults can not imagine life without their mobile phone.

A survey of 500 18 to 40-year-olds revealed 57pc suffered from nomophobia, anxiety caused by being without one’s mobile phone.

Richard Colwell, chief executive at Red C Research, said there is also increasing use of smartphones for online access, with 53pc using their smartphone for going online more than they do for calls or texts.

Another 52pc use their smartphone first if they need to go online.

Mr Colwell presented the findings of his survey at the IAB Ireland third annual mobile conference, with the theme Ready, Steady, Mo!

It showed more than half are willing to see mobile advertising in order to gain access to free content, four out of ten think it would be great if mobile advertising could be tailored to their interest and a third think it is fine that companies advertise on smartphones in return for great apps or games.

On usage, the survey revealed more than one in every three minutes online are spent using a mobile device.

Time spent online via mobile is increasing, while time spent online via PC is decreasing

However that mobile time is split between surfing and apps.

“No singular channel can be recommended for mobile advertising as both app and mobile-enabled sites are used to a similar degree,” he said.

Elsewhere smartphone owners are increasingly using their phones across activities, with 95pc browsing a smartphone or tablet while watching TV, something for information on what they’re watching.

Some 93pc use their smartphone for research and 80pc shop online.

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