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Mobile apps driving online food shopping


Close up of a man using mobile smart phone

Close up of a man using mobile smart phone

Close up of a man using mobile smart phone

Mobile apps and handy pick-up points are driving a surge in online grocery shopping, according to retailers.

While consumers here are still far more reluctant than those in the UK to do the weekly shop online, supermarkets say the market is changing rapidly.

Dunnes is poised to enter the online grocery market in the autumn, while Tesco and SuperValu claim to already offer the service to nearly 90pc of consumers nationwide. Tesco said it made over half a million deliveries last year and expects that figure to rise this year.

And there has been a shift in the way consumers shop online, with many ditching the once-weekly big shop in favour of shopping two to three times a week.

New click and collect locations, including those at the Sandyford and Red Cow Luas park and ride stops in Dublin, are proving popular, said Tesco eCommerce manager Tadhg Dolly. While Tesco assumed it would be mainly commuters availing of this option, it turns out busy mothers are also using them.

"This is a big trend for mums with kids who like to collect just after the school run," explained Mr Dolly.

Customers using the Tesco shopping app have placed orders from as far afield as Afghanistan, Indonesia and Macau - presumably to have their shopping delivered on their return from trips.

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