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Microsoft reveals new web browser Edge


Microsoft's newest web browser will be called Microsoft Edge, providing a definitive name for the codenamed Project Spartan, the company has confirmed.

Speaking at Microsoft's annual Build developers conference, Microsoft's corporate vice president of operating systems Joe Belfiore explained that all Windows 10 devices will ship with the new browser, eventually replacing Internet Explorer for good.

Edge is significantly faster than its predecessor and includes a built-in notation tool, further integration with digital assistant Cortana to offer more personalised results and actions, and a reading mode, Belfiore said.

"For us, the name refers to the idea of being on the edge of consuming and creating," he added. "It refers to the developer notion of being closest to the modern capabilities of the web."

Edge will also be capable of supporting Chrome and Firefox extensions, allowing developers to carry their favourite plug-ins to the new browser.

Microsoft's Alex Kipman, inventor of the Kinect motion camera for Xbox, demonstrated how Windows 10 apps would run on Hololens, the company's augmented reality holographic headset.

Announced earlier this year, Hololens beams light onto its wearer's eyes to create the illusion of a 3D hologram within the surrounding physical environment.

Kipman confirmed all existing Windows 10 apps would be compatible with the headset, and announced the Windows Holographic Platform for developers to create their own apps.

The cost and eventual availability of Hololens remains unknown, though hundreds of demo kits were available for testing at the conference.

The company also announced a new Windows Store offering new features, improved discoverability, better payment option and a new business store portal.